Productivity and innovation is a major milestone in the sustainable development. It is also the fundamental factor for progressive and quality of human capital development. Consequently, a country must take a significant changes towards achieving of increased productivity and innovation – planning the specific strategies and programs based on the success of increasing productivity and generate wealth through innovation. The augmenting of productivity and innovation will be a solid basis for the sustainable economic development, generating new opportunities in the engineering of social and economy, strengthening the inclusivity towards equitable society and ensuring the well-being and prosperity of the people.

However, a lot of economic development is not linked to social environment. Development does not provide the option for a better life in fact it also has negative impact on the society moreover for future livelihood. For example, it does not have an empathy to the ecosystem development, the cultural heritage, the harmony of the family and society, a brotherhood, cooperation, materialistic, and spiritual health. Like a life and development are persistent, then the research should always continue conducted to address social and economic issues, to find the best practise of development, finally for achieving the better quality of human life in the future.

Based on the above statements, universities as academic based institutions play an important role to educate and provide professional manpower and to conduct high quality research that benefits humanity. Moreover, universities must take a more significant role, be innovative and creative in engaging and supporting the development opportunities. To embark on this role effectively, universities must always foster communication and discussion among academicians or scholars in accordance with the goal of Inclusive Social and Economic Development. Universities of between countries need to increasingly cooperate in order to achieve academic and research excellence.


The theme for ICSED 2018 is “SDG 2030: HOW READY ARE WE?”.


119305,1194945936,6 Addressing issues and suggestion related to economic and social development as well as environmental protection towards achieving 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

119305,1194945936,6 Giving exposure about the importance of preserving the environment and the impact of universal human beings.

119305,1194945936,6 Enhancing and strengthening the cooperation between academicians, government agencies, private sectors and
non-governmental organizations in promoting economic development in line with human and environmental development.