The School of Social and Economic Development (PPPSE). Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) is pleased to announce that the ICSED2 will be held in UMT, from 4-5 November, 2018. We would like to invite you to participate and share your reseach findings, insights and experiences related  to the SDG2030. The conference theme is ”SDG 2030: How Ready Are We?”, focusing on social and economic development issues.


The ICSED2 addresses all agendas SDG2030 related to the social sciences and humaniies fields:


119305,1194945936,6 Addressing issues related to socioeconomic and socio ecology towards achieving SDG

119305,1194945936,6 Giving exposure to the importance of preserving the environment and the impact of universal human beings.

119305,1194945936,6 Enhancing and strengthening the cooperation between academicians, government agencies, private sectors and
NGOs  in promoting  a balanced socioeconomic and envonmental development.