Call For Abstracts/ Full Papers

The First International Conference on Social and Economic Development 2016 (ICSED 2016), to be hosted at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, MALAYSIA, from November 01-03, 2016, cordially invites you to submit Full Papers. ICSED 2016 will provide an international forum for scholarly researchers to explore the role of administrative science in social, political and economic development. The conference will address the social and economic issues and related that are in-line with our supporting conference journals: i) Journal of Sustainability Science and Management ii) Journal of Business and Social Development. Full papers covering focus themes and topics on social and economic development are highly encouraged. However, papers should demonstrate high research quality, and reflect the focus of the journals. The ICSED conference tracks to be explored include, but are not limited to:


(1) Social Studies & Public Policy

119305,1194945936,6  Anthropology
119305,1194945936,6  Community Development
119305,1194945936,6  Environmental Management
119305,1194945936,6  International Relations
119305,1194945936,6  Public Administration
119305,1194945936,6  Political Science
119305,1194945936,6  Policy Studies
119305,1194945936,6  Rural Development
119305,1194945936,6  Social Well-being & Quality of Life
119305,1194945936,6  Sociology

(2) Economics

119305,1194945936,6  Agriculture Economics
119305,1194945936,6  Development Economics
119305,1194945936,6  Environmental Economics
119305,1194945936,6  Energy Economics
119305,1194945936,6  Financial Economics
119305,1194945936,6  International Economics
119305,1194945936,6  Islamic Economics
119305,1194945936,6  Natural Resources Economics
119305,1194945936,6  Poverty & Development

(3) Counselling & Psychology

119305,1194945936,6   Counselling & Multi Culture
119305,1194945936,6   Counselling Process
119305,1194945936,6   Career Counselling
119305,1194945936,6   Developmental Psychology
119305,1194945936,6   Family Counselling
119305,1194945936,6   Organisational Psychology
119305,1194945936,6   Social Psychology


(4) Other related tracks

All accepted papers will be published in the refereed ISBN conference proceedings (It will be made available on the ICSED 2016 website January 2017). Some of the accepted papers will be published in the above international journals subject to compliance of the reviewers’ report, editorial comments and applicable submission fees (if any). Best papers will be awarded to 3 high-quality papers and will have top privileges to be published in the journals.